Triple R Telecom Ltd provides transportation services with dual piston tailgate equipped 5-ton trucks, enclosed 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton trucks. We specialize in the removal, delivery, and warehousing of sensitive electronic equipment to and from all types of customer locations.

Triple R Telecom offers competitive hourly rates and provides monthly billing with PO references. We routinely have trucks all over New Brunswick at any given time and pride ourselves in doing quality work.

We have experience in delivering CDMA Metrocells , lead acid batteries, and rectifiers to Cell towers on New Brunswicks highest peaks to the removal of Cisco servers, power cable, and telephone KSU's in New Brunswicks highest office towers. No job is to big or too small.

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Triple R Telecom
303 Molson Ave, Saint John, NB, Canada, E2M-3J8
Phone(506)635-1200, Fax(506)635-1770, E Mail:

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