Triple R Telecom currently has (4) Xylan Pizza switches and (17) Xylan Omni switches for sale.
This Xylan equipment offers 640 Mbps, multi-protocol collapsed backbone capabilty.
See our Searchable Inventory for a complete Xylan listing.

Example hardware that Triple R Telecom is currently offering with the Omni-9:

OMNI-PS9/OMNI-PS9-500   Power Supplys  
MPM-8MB/MPM II   CPU Modules  
ESM-C-8C   8 Port 10MB Ethernet Modules  
ESM-100C-12C   12 Port 100MB Ethernet Modules  
TSM-C-6C / TSM-CD-6   6 Port Token Ring Modules  
ASM-155FM-1CE and 2CE   2MB OC3 ATM Multi Mode Dual and Single Port Modules  
ASM-155FS-1CE and 2CE   2MB OC3 ATM SingleMode Dual and Single Port Modules  

Triple R Telecom
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